Engineering Economics Made Easy

Runs on TI-Nspire CX CAS and TI-Nspire CX II CAS only.
It does not run on computers!

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  • Most Comprehensive Engineering Economics APP for the TiNspire: Compute Time Value of Money, Engineering Cost, Cost Estimation, Uniform Annual Series and Future Value Uniform Annual Series and Present Value, Arithmetic Gradient Series, Geometric Gradient Series, Nominal and Effective Interest Economical computations, Taxes, Perpetuity, Depreciation Methods, Read Definitions & Theories. And much more:


Financial Calculations

  • Future Value & Compound Interest
  • Effective Interest Rate
  • Nominal Interest Rate
  • Compute Inflation Rate
  • Investment Worth after Inflation
  • Investment Worth after Inflation & Tax
  • Depreciation : Straight Line Method
  • Depreciation : Sum of Years Digits
  • Depreciation : Reducing Balance Method
  • Income Tax Calculation
  • Compute any Rate [%] by Definition
  • Present Value of Perpetuity
  • Simple Interest I=P*r*t
  • Compounded Interest: A=P*(1+r)^t
  • Compounded Interest=P*(1+r)^t-P
  • Compounded Continuously A=P*?^(r*t)

Cash Flow / Capital Investment

  • Rate of Return with Salvage Value
  • Geometric Gradient of Payments (P/A)
  • Equal Payment: Present Worth (P/A)
  • Equal Paym: Capital Recovery (A/P)
  • Equal Paym: Sinking Fund (A/F)
  • Equal Paym: Compound Amount (F/A)
  • Arithmetic Gradient to Uniform Series (A/G)
  • Arithmetic Gradient Present Worth (P/G)
  • Single Payment Compounded: (F/P)
  • Single Payment Present Worth: (P/F)
  • Solve for V: A=B*v+C
  • Equivalent Annual Cost EAC
  • Equivalent Annual Cost EAC + Cost
  • V1+V2*(A/P)+V3*(A/F,i,n)+V4*(A/G,i,n)
  • V1+V2*(P/A)+V3*(P/G,i,n)+V4*(P/F,i,n)

Math Tools

  • Solve any Equation
  • Solve using the Rule 72
  • Solve Money/Exponential Growth Problems
  • Geometric Sequence & Series
  • Sigma S-Notation

Economical Calculations 1

  • Marginal Profit
  • Marginal Revenue
  • Break Even Point R=C
  • Demand Analysis
  • Economic Order Qty
  • Continuous Income Stream
  • Price Elasticity
  • Find Equilibrium of Supply & Demand
  • Consumer Surplus
  • Producer Surplus
  • Consumer & Production Surplus
  • Real vs Nominal GDP

Economical Calculations 2

  • Cobb-Douglas Prod.
  • Gini Coefficient
  • Differentials
  • Logistic Differential Equation
  • Simplex Algorithm
  • Average Tax Rate
  • Marginal Tax Rate
  • Price Index
  • Real GDP - Expenditure Approach
  • Real GDP - Income Approach
  • GDP Deflator: Nominal GDP -> Real GDP
  • Compute any Rate [%] : Labor
  • Nominal & Real Interest Rate
  • Unemployment Rate