Ti-Nspire Keyboard Sections & Keyboard Shortcuts & Reset Option

The 3 sections of the TiNspire keyboard:

The 3 sections of a TI-Nspire keyboard

How to reset the TI-Nspire CX:

1) Turn the Ti-Nspire off. ‘
2) Next, Press [DOC][EE][ENTER]. Hold the 3 keys & press the reset button on the back using a pen or pencil.

The first 9 shortcuts also work on the handheld

To enter π, type pi.

To enter θ, type theta.

To enter ∞: type infinity.

To enter ≤, type <=. To enter ≥, type >=.

To enter √, type sqrt(…).

To enter ǁ, type abs(…).

To enter i (the imaginary constant), type @i.

To enter e (natural log base e), type @e.

To enter ° (degrees), type @d.

To enter r (radians), type @r.

Shortcuts for Managing Documents on Your TI-Nspire

Access the Documents menu: Doc

Access the Context menu (right-click): Ctrl-Menu

Open Document: Ctrl-O

Close Document: Ctrl-W

Create New Document: Ctrl-N

Insert New Page: Ctrl-I

Select Application: Ctrl-K

Save Current Document: Ctrl-S

Navigating Documents on Your TI-Nspire

Display previous page: Ctrl-◄

Display next page: Ctrl-►

Switch between applications on a split page: Ctrl-Tab

Display page sorter view: Ctrl-▲

Move through the fields in a dialog box: Tab

Move through the fields in reverse order: Shift-Tab

Modifying the Display on Your TI-Nspire

Increase contrast: Ctrl-+

Decrease contrast: Ctrl-–

Power off: Ctrl-On