Matrix Made Easy

Runs on TI-Nspire CX CAS and TI-Nspire CX II CAS only.
It does not run on computers!

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  • The most comprehensive Matrix/Vector APP for calculators.
  • Users have boosted their Matrix/Vector knowledge.
  • Ideal for quick review in all Matrix and Linear Algebra classes.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in the matrix/vector and the correct answer shows.
  • Enter Matrices A and B easily
  • Perform 30+ Matrix Computations such as A+B, A-B, k*A, A*B, B*A, A-1, det(A), Eigenvalues, LU and QR - Factorization, Norm, Trace.
  • Step by Step - Simplex Algorithm.
  • Step by Step - Gaussian Elimination.
  • Step by Step - Find Inverse
  • Step by Step - Find Determinant
  • Step by Step - Row Echelon and Reversal (REF and RREF)
  • Step by Step - Gauss and Gauss Jordan Elimination
  • Step by Step - Cramer Rule
  • Step by Step - EigenValues and EigenVectors.
  • Step by Step - Square Root Matrix
  • Solve any n by n system of equations.
  • Rotation Matrices, Magic Squares and much more.
  • Step by Step - Solve AX=B
  • Step by Step - OrthoNormal Basis
  • Cross and Dot Product, UnitVector, Angle between Vectors
  • Projection A onto B, Distance A to B, etc ...
  • Vector Differentiation and Integration
  • Test Orthogonality, Find Orthogonal Vector, Test Independence
  • and much more..



  • READ about Matrices
  • All in One Matrix Analyzer
  • A + B
  • A * B
  • k*A
  • Symmetry(A)
  • Minor


  • Row Echolon
  • Reverse Row Echolon
  • Gauss Elimination
  • Find EigenValues
  • Find EigenVectors
  • Find Orthonormal Basis
  • Gram Schmidt Procedure
  • Find Inverse via RREF
  • Find Inverse via Formula
  • Find Determinant via Diagonal
  • Find Determinant via formula
  • Find Trace


  • LU Decomposition & solve A*X=B
  • Solve A*X=B
  • Solve A*X=B with 1 Parameter
  • Cramer Rule to solve A*X=B
  • Simpson Algorithm
  • Coding: En/Decode Messages
  • Rotate a point via Matrices
  • Diagonalization
  • LU Factorization
  • QR Factorization
  • v(A) - Square Root
  • Read Magic Squares


  • Help & Use of Keys
  • What to Input
  • About us
  • Set FontSize


  • Read about Vectors
  • All in one Vector Explorer
  • Find Norm
  • All in one 2-Vectors Explorer
  • Test of Orthogonality
  • Find Angle between 2 Vectors
  • Test of In/Dependence
  • Projection of A to B
  • Distance A to B
  • Find Cross Product
  • Find Orthogonal 3D Vector
  • Differentiation & Integration

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